Customizing Vendor.php?


the default vendor.php backend is pretty complicated for our vendors. We dont want to hold our vendors' hands while they're setting up their payment, shipment and products - but with the default backend a lot of explanation is necessary.

Thats why we want to make changes to the backend. For instance:

Vendors have access to some options that should be admin only

Vendors have access to confusing options that are unecessary for them to change

  • Options type, Exceptions type, and a lot of stuff on the "create product" page.
  • Taxes. We only have 1 tax that should always be selected.

Many of the menu items serve no real purpose for vendors

Unfortunately after searching these forums I couldnt find a plausible way to make changes like this to the backend, as this would require going through hundreds of scattered files, using smarty compiler which Im unfamiliar with.

My question is, is there any way to make changes to /vendor.php like I described?

Assuming there is no better way than going into the files, can someone suggest ways to make this easier for unexperienced devs? Like, where can I find the scripts used in "add product"?

I urge the cs cart team to make changing the vendor backend possible! Its a big problem that could make your amazing software much better.

Thanks for any help.


Maybe it will be useful?

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Even though I have accomplished what I need by editing core files, this plugin might be useful.

Does it also hide items from home dashboard? For example, I have hidden "Website" from my menu, but it still appears on the Dashboard below "Vendors".

Can you control some permissions like product popularity? Is it compatible with addons?

Thanks for your help

The only core files you should have to change for these type of modifications are any addon menu schemas that add addons to the menus. There are ways to get around it, but they are a bit kludgy.

The issue is the priority at which addons run determines their load order. Higher priority runs last in php but runs first in templates. So it's entirely possible that addons might be adding their menu items after you've effectively disabled them.