@cs-cart please tease ... 4.17.1

@CS-Cart_team I’m getting itchy, must be time for a teaser?

Also over the last few months I think the team has added more to development wish list than I have ever seen (in my realitively short couple of years being a licence holder) and whilst I understand that what you choose to develop is driven by a vareity of considerations (complexity, complementary, demand, regulatory drivers, sexiness etc) it would be good to see a poll of users to inform 4.18.1 and beyond,

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I’d rather give them more time working on an update, so that it releases with more new functionalities and bugfixes :slight_smile:


No need to worry about that, we are not talking a 2-penny operation here, the coders and marketing are seperate.

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Hi! I can share some info :slight_smile:

CS-Cart 4.17.1 is currently scheduled for July 2023. Its improvements aren’t as big as, say, editable vendor panel and onboarding from 4.16.1. Instead, they are more technical: “not noticed when present, but painful when absent”.

For example, a major shipping provider UPS has announced that they’re moving to a new API. Existing CS-Cart users can still use the old UPS API for a year longer. But to let new users set up a UPS shipping method, we have to update the integration as soon as possible — in version 4.17.1.

Another technical improvement is the support of PHP 8.1. We added basic support of PHP 8.1 in CS-Cart 4.16.1, but there was much more work to do. While it won’t make much difference on the outside, it had to be done, due to PHP version life cycle.

There is also the matter of Google Fonts and GDPR compliance (important for the European Union), and a lot of other fixes.

However, we did slip in non-technical, quality-of-life improvements:

  • A more convenient field for phone number at checkout (and not only there)
  • For multi-language marketplaces:
    • Translatable fields are labeled as such in the admin panel
    • Vendor name and address are now translatable
  • Small improvements to the Upgrade Center. For example, you’ll be able to see which third-party add-ons aren’t listed as compatible with the new version yet.

Most of the above has already been done. But plans can change on the fly (like the sudden addition of UPS to our 4.17.1 roadmap). That’s why it’s probably too early to say anything about 4.18 yet. But we are considering a better “Accounting” page, improvements to rate areas, making the admin panel easier (especially important for vendors), etc.


Thanks for the teaser.


two thumbs up

If not polling on the road map I would like to put a pretty please with cherries on top for MV Ultimate to allow product categories to be “selected shopfronts” as opposed to All or one.

Good news about PHP 8,1 Spasibo!

It was about time you implemented friendly onboarding for vendors and the option to disable almost anything an admin thinks would overwhelm a vendor. The option to even show dismissible checklist was needed! Well done!
All what you have teased sounds important and exciting. I still dream of major improvements in the vendor/admin panel focusing on customer behaviour. For example vendors being able to see a real time top 5 list of their products that have been viewed the most will help inform the them about product demand and take further action.
Google analytics is nice for admins, but vendors won’t have access to that.
Also, admins being able to see search history will help them understand customer behaviour.
A new vendor should feel excited to log into their account not only to see sales data, but to see how their products are doing so far on the marketplace.