CS-Cart 4.16.1 Released

As always, the new version is released on the same day for all our products:

  • CS-Cart Store Builder for single-seller stores
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor for marketplaces

It means that when you download On-Premises software from our site, you get version 4.16.1. The availability of upgrades from version 4.15.2 to 4.16.1 in the Upgrade Center may vary:

  • For our On-Premises line of products (Store Builder and Multi-Vendor), upgrades to version 4.16.1 will initially be available in small batches, on the “first downloaded, first upgraded” basis. In a few weeks, we’ll lift the restriction.

  • For the cloud Multi-Vendor No-Code, these new features are coming as well, but at a later date. Since we are the ones who upgrade all No-Code marketplaces, you’ll just find the new features in your marketplace one day, without the need to run an upgrade.

Important improvements:

  • Improved vendor panel for markeplaces, where you can change the content of the home page, as well as the structure and styles of the sidebar.
  • Stripe Checkout support with over 20 new local payment methods, ability for customers to pay in instalments, and multiparty payments for marketplaces.
  • Stripe and Stripe Connect support in the Mobile application
  • Access to all our resources in one place through the Help Section.
  • The ability to select add-on and themes from the Market by name, vendor and price in the admin panel.
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    The full list of changes with bug fixes is in the changelog.


    For everyone using stripe. Stripe just cancelled our account because we sell cosmetics with cbd oil in the ingredient list. These have absolutely nothing to do with drugs and every cosmetics store sells this now. I heard they even cancelled account that sold bags made from hemp.

    So a quick warning. Be very careful having them as your payment provider. In the 12 years I run my store I have not had this issue before.


    Can you please confirm that PHP 8.1 can be used in this version?

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    I think there is a security issue (probably limited to shared computer, as long as session is current). I have installed a couple of add-ons so wonder if anyone reproduces this in a fresh install …

    Clear cache, log out of store, go to store page … admin bar becomes available and you can get back into store.

    There also appears to be retention of previous customers data in shipping details … still testing that (clears cart, but when add item and go to check-out last address there, which in my case didn’t match marketplace, vendor or regsitered customer details).

    +1 we should have as much optimized as possible

    Hello, is there a timeframe as to when the upgrade is going to appear in the Admin panel?


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    Probably soon - it is available now in my store.

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    “Basic PHP 8.1 support added; however, it is not yet the recommended PHP version”

    What does this mean? The main reason that I was waiting for 16.1 is pHP 8.1 is it not safe to use 8.1 or are there expected problems?

    When will full PHP 8.1 be supported?

    Also will this version of Stripe allow full and partial refunds on the top of the admin order page?

    Thank you!

    Does signing out of the account on the storefront (not only in the admin panel) solve the issue?

    Admins can sign in through the storefront as well. And for convenience, they do need a way to get to the admin panel.

    I’m sorry to hear that :frowning: It looks like Stripe is going an extra mile (or a hundred in this case) to avoid any sliver of liability. I remember at least one other similar topic.

    Yes if sign out of storefront after signing out of admin panel then the admin bar disappears.

    • I do note the behaviour in 16.1 is different to 15.2 (in 15.2 signing out of admin panels signs out of both).
    • I have not tested what impact the signing out of both has on the retention of shipping info. There is a separate ticket in helpdesk for that … I think the retention of the customer information is more likely related to the confirmed bug with respect to billing address (earlier in the same ticket).
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    We only label a PHP version as “recommended” once it’s gone through lengthy and thorough in-house testing. Because we do a lot of testing during development (for features old and new), it makes sense to just have our QA specialists use PHP 8.1 in their everyday process.

    CS-Cart 4.15.1 didn’t work at all with PHP 8.1, and compatibility was added to our roadmap for 4.16.1 rather late. So our main goal was to ensure that CS-Cart 4.16.1 could be installed, and it’s main functionality (such as checkout or adding products) worked properly.

    The current plan is to do more testing with PHP 8.1 before version 4.17.1 (scheduled for release mid-2023), and hopefully make it the recommended version.

    To my knowledge, there haven’t been any changes to refunds related to Stripe Checkout. The changes basically are as follows:

    • You select “Stripe Checkout” instead of “Credit card” in the payment method settings on the CS-Cart end.
    • You get rerouted to the Stripe Checkout page after selecting a shipping method and submitting the order.

    I would expect 2 or 3 weeks. But as time passes, we make more and more upgrades available, so you may get it sooner (if you see it in the Upgrade Center and download the upgrade).

    This probably means that you were among the first to see and download the upgrade when it became available.

    Thank you! If you already reported the issue to Customer Care via Help Desk, they’ll get to the bottom of both issues (and will involve developers if they deem it necessary). I wish I could say more here, but there is only so much time I can dedicate to investigation at the forums. That’s Customer Care’s bread and butter :slight_smile:

    Dobry den Ikoshkin,

    Spasibo for the complete PHP 8.1 explanation - sounds like I should wait for version 17.1.

    I downloaded recently a CS cart demo to check the Stripe partial refund feature on the admin order page but could not work well with Stripe using the Demo version,

    I understand that there have been no big changes in Stripe but I still am wondering is the feature of partial and full refunds on the top of the admin order page available? Like in the Webkul version?

    If not where do you go to make partial and full refunds with the default CS Cart version of Stripe?

    Thank you!

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    No documentation to use Stripe Checkout. I have “wrong parameters” error message from Stripe when I try to use it. I have no idea what we should do to fix that.

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    Where is the documentation for new Stripe features. I am using the previous version of Stripe add-on, did it get upgraded automatically or do I install a new add-on or new type of Stripe payment method or do nothing? How do I add checkout features like Klarna, Afterpay etc?

    The following article has been already updated:

    Activate Stripe Checkout in the settings of the payment method with the “Stripe” processor, then configure extra payment methods in your Stripe Dashboard.

    Also, make sure that you have updated your installation to the version 4.16.1, otherwise new payment methods won’t be available to you.