CS-Cart MV deletes product images

Hi there,

I’m using a MV v4.15.2 installation with the latest vivashop theme for multi vendor (CS-Cart Themes - CS-Cart Templates - CS-Cart Skins). However, we use it as a marketplace and also as single-storefront for some vendors. That is, the seller posts his product once and selects the categories in which he wants to sell.

One and the same product is therefore present more often. Such as storefront-url domainabc.tld and marketplace-url domainxyz.tld

We observe that at irregular intervals the product images are simply removed from the articles. And not only the thumbnail, but all stored images with the article. Currently between 2 and 5 articles are affected per day. This happens completely randomly and in currently no discernible pattern.

Has this been observed anywhere?
Is this some kind of bug?

Is there a log somewhere i could look at?

Best regards

Hmm, it looks like this situation was caused by a closed storefront when products are offered on multiple storefronts.

Perhaps this can be checked at some point.
Currently this bug does not occur (anymore).

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