CS-Cart MV deletes product images (again)

Hi guys,

I already posted that issue in the bug tracker forum:

I thought it was a temporary problem… but I was wrong.
My CS-Cart MultiVendor Edition 4.15.2 randomly deletes product images and media files that i have stored.

It happens at different times and different products are affected

This will delete ALL stored media files. Not only the thumbnail.
I am a bit desperate… where can I start or who can support me?

The support of @CS-Cart_team you have to sign up for 12 months.
But i would like to have only the error fixed

Best regards


I am sorry to hear that you are facing such an issue, however in both Multi-Vendor and Store builder there are no such known issues and such a behavior is not inherent in the regular operation of the installation. In this case I can recommend you to find out the steps on how this issue can be reproduced in your installation and contact us via Help Desk on this, along with providing us these steps.

Hope it helps.

Currently it concerns a vendor who offers his products on two Storefronts (different URL) simultaneously.
Could it be that it has to do with this feature?!

This behavior does not (yet) affect other retailers who are only active on one storefront.

We have the Vivashop Multivendor Theme from @energothemes in use.

I’m sorry, but such a description does not yet fall under any known issues.

How should I describe the error or behavior?

  1. A product is created with media files
  2. Several images and possibly a youtube video
  3. The product is visible in several categories, and these categories are also divided into different storefronts - for example: storefont a in the category “books” and in storefront B- in the category “novels and books”.
  4. The product is thus functional for several days
  5. At some point, the product is active, but no longer contains images and videos, all media files are removed

My problem is that this error does not occur after a certain time, e.g. 1 hour or 24h, but seemingly randomly.


i have to bring up this topic again. Every month about 10-20 product images of individual products and variants are deleted. This is very unsatisfactory.

I have now left these products as they are, for example

Here the product picture is missing, as you can see.
If i search for the title of the product via google image search “RH solar storage tank with 2 heat exchangers and magnesium anode” then the second hit is exactly this product and the image is included in the google cache.

It refers to https://shop.reitbauer-haustechnik.at/images/detailed/9/ISSS1000SI_0zdi-07.jpg

i checked this path via CS cart MV in the file explorer. The image still exists there. For me this means that the link between product and product image is lost somewhere.

Where can I start here? Who can help me with this?
The situation is very tedious and nerve-wracking.

Best regards

Please contact us via Help Desk on this case.