ADDON: XML Sitemap 1.0

The is the latest and newest version of the former Sitemap Creator. You should discontinue use of this former mod and install this professional XML Sitemap Addon. Tested for compatibility on 1.3.5 sp4, however this should work on all versions of 1.3.5+.

What’s New

  • This is now an Addon, not a mod
  • Ability to disable XML Sitemap
  • Works with SEO Addon on/off
  • Works with Manufacturers Addon on/off
  • Include / Exclude Products, Categories, Manufacturers and Pages


    XML Sitemap 1.0

thanks for the addon.

i wish that it would be able to save the .xml file directly to the root instead of having to download it and upload it every time

Hi giftedwon, no problem:

open your .htaccess file, PASTE:

RewriteRule ^sitemap.xml$ index.php?target=xml_sitemap [L]

AFTER RewriteEngine On

but BEFORE any RewriteCond statements

you can then link directly to:

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then in your robots.txt put:

Sitemap: [url]Fastest Web Hosting Services | Buy High Quality Hosting

you can read more information about:

Specifying the Sitemap location in your robots.txt file

here: [url][/url]

Have fun, you can now, create, edit, delete categories, products, pages, manufacturers and never ever have to upload or modify a sitemap again - Sno

i did that and the sitemap.xml file is not updating automatically

[quote name=‘giftedwon’]i did that and the sitemap.xml file is not updating automatically[/QUOTE]

Hi giftedwon, I just checked my installation and it’s working as intended, if you change the SEO Name: it automatically updates to the new name, if no SEO Name: exists it defaults to the category, product, page or manufacturer name.

This automatically updated when XML Sitemap was accessed by either link:



I don’t know what to tell you other then the Addon is working. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, let’s see if other’s report having the same issues, Thanks - Sno

This appears to be a great addition but I’m having trouble with it. I installed the addon in my local Xampp server site and it worked the first time.

However, I can’t seem to get it to work on my regular site. I can’t seem to update my database, keeps returning errors. I guess I don’t understand step 3 of the instructions. After I backup the database where do I download it to and how do I that? Do I need to unzip it?

Thanks and sorry for being stupid!

Step #3 is not required to install this Addon, and is only recommended to BACK-UP here admin.php?target=database before moving forward, it is highly recommended. What errors are you seeing, all you need to do is PASTE:

INSERT INTO cscart_settings VALUES (20199, 'xml_sitemap', 'Addons', '', 'C', 'Y', 600, 'Y');
INSERT INTO cscart_settings VALUES (20200, 'include_products', 'Addons', 'xml_sitemap_opts', 'C', 'Y', 1, 'Y');
INSERT INTO cscart_settings VALUES (20201, 'include_categories', 'Addons', 'xml_sitemap_opts', 'C', 'Y', 2, 'Y');
INSERT INTO cscart_settings VALUES (20202, 'include_manufacturers', 'Addons', 'xml_sitemap_opts', 'C', 'Y', 3, 'Y');
INSERT INTO cscart_settings VALUES (20203, 'include_pages', 'Addons', 'xml_sitemap_opts', 'C', 'Y', 4, 'Y');
INSERT INTO cscart_settings_descriptions VALUES (20199, 'XML Sitemap', 'O', 'EN', '');
INSERT INTO cscart_settings_descriptions VALUES (0, 'XML Sitemap', 'U', 'EN', 'xml_sitemap_opts');
INSERT INTO cscart_settings_descriptions VALUES (20200, 'Include Products', 'O', 'EN', '');
INSERT INTO cscart_settings_descriptions VALUES (20201, 'Include Categories', 'O', 'EN', '');
INSERT INTO cscart_settings_descriptions VALUES (20202, 'Include Manufacturers', 'O', 'EN', '');
INSERT INTO cscart_settings_descriptions VALUES (20203, 'Include Pages', 'O', 'EN', '');
INSERT INTO cscart_settings_subsections VALUES ('xml_sitemap_opts', 'Addons', 600);

into “Update Database” text field here admin.php?target=upgrade_center


I have the database backed up. When I paste the xml_sitemap_sp4.sql code into update database and click submit, I get the following error at the top of the page in the admin panel:


No queries are sent or queries contain errors

I have also pasted your code in the previous thread and get the same error.

[quote name=‘capias’]Error No queries are sent or queries contain errors[/QUOTE] most likely you have a different version of mysql, did you check:


to see if the XML Sitemap tab is there? sometimes the queries execute even when mysql throws errors, if the tab is not their try logging into your database with phpmyadmin and executing the queries their, let us know what happens, Thanks - Sno

I do have the XML sitemap tab showing on admin addons. When I click on it there are 4 check boxes and update at the bottom.

When I browse index.php?target=xml_sitemap I get the folloowing:


I am running SP-3 and it was installed in Sept.

[quote name=‘capias’][/QUOTE]

ok well it sounds like the addon is installed, did you upload the files and update config.php?


I got it! My stupid mistake. I created a new folder in the main directory and named it XML sitemap and uploaded the files into that folder. Wrong!!

The files should be uploaded directly into the main directory. It works great.

Thanks for all your great help.

It’s working here


I received warnings due to the urlset.

It should be this:

Instead of this:

Thanks Tool Outfitters, I meant to fix that earlier, the zip file has been updated

Hi SnoRocket,

After i download the file & open with WinZip i received a pop-up message below:

can’t open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive.

Is that the file? Can you check again please. I really want to try out this addon.


It does that when downloaded with IE. Use FF instead or go directly to sno’s site.

I got it,


Alternate download: Sitemap

i checked webmaster tools today and found this error


Incorrect namespace

Your Sitemap or Sitemap index file doesn’t properly declare the namespace. Help ’