Add A Check Box In Checkout That Shipping Address Is Same As Billing?

Hi, is there a way to add a check box in checkout where the customer can select the shipping address is the same as the billing and it'll auto-populate the fields? As it is now they need to add the address twice. When I shop other stores they have that check box.

In the checkout, Step 2 displays this:

2 Billing and Shipping Address





Are shipping and billing addresses the same? Yes No

Selecting No displays the Shipping Address form.

This is not the case in 4.0.3 Ultimate. There is no “Are shipping and billing address the same? Yes No”

I have a 4.0.2, 4.0.4 and 4.1.1 installs running - all three stores have this option, with 4.1.1 having slightly different wording as above. See screenshot below:-



Well what the heck??? That doesn't show on mine. Is there a setting to enable it or something?

Have you modified any of the tpl files used in the checkout area? You can check which tpl's are used using the theme editor.

Are you using one-page checkout or multi-step checkout?

Settings > General - User/cart > Checkout style

We are developing on 4.0.3 and our checkout is the same as Brennie - no option for the customer to check the box. Our checkout style is 'multipage'

We have one-page checkout selected along with allow anonymous checkout. I don't think I've made any changes to checkout tpl files.


Are your profile fields the same between Billing and Shipping? They have to be the exact same to have the checkbox. If they are off, even by one field, than you will have both the Billing and Shipping things come up.



No the billing address has email while shipping does not, and shipping has address type (residential or commercial) that billing doesn't have. Is this what you mean?

Really, is that how it is? I haven't looked into changing the fields available for delivery and shipping due to the nature of our business.

I would hope at the very least that if this is indeed how CS-Cart opts to display the Yes/No option, that the Email address field for Shipping address can be Optional and not set as Required. The majority of businesses do not require this for both Billing and Shipping addresses.

The fields have to match. I know, kind of silly, but look at it this way.

If the fields are different and the shipping address is set to be closed by default, how would people know to add in those extra fields into the shipping address part?

Just toss an email address field into the shipping and then you will be good to go. If the fields match, than the shipping address part will be closed by default and you will be good to go.



Where do I edit those fields?


In 3.x, you go to customers => profile fields.

In 4.x, you go to administration => profile fields.



Thanks Brandon, worked for me in V4. BTW, the language text to choose if your shipping and billing address is the same, is terrible;

“The same as the shipping address” I changed to; “Is your Billing Address the same as the Shipping Address?” or I imagine you can reserve that depending on whether you choose to show billing or shipping first. i.e; “Is your Shipping Address the same as the Billing Address?”

Well I was hoping to move the email field to the contact info section and remove it from billing and shipping, but when I add it there, it requires the customer to enter the email twice; once when they select Checkout as Guest, it adds an email field, then when they click continue it asks for it again, then it takes them to the checkout page where it auto-populates the email address.

And then I realized that I cannot change to show/required in either billing or shipping, and they both have different settings, so I cannot fix this! Either way one has the email required and the other does not. I don't understand why cs-cart doesn't allow US to change these settings.


I have set this up a lot of times for different clients. I'd be happy to take a look. Just PM me and I'll see what I can do.

As for the wording, yes, I do think CS-Cart could use a bit of help here and there on that.



Hi Brennie. I was having the same problem too and couldn't figure it out. CS-cart should tell you somewhere that the fields must all match.

Anyway, make sure that not only do the field names match, but that all the checkboxes are “checked” the same way too (except for email) for “Show” and “Required” under the “Checkout” column. That's where I goofed.

Also, thanks for the answer Brandan! Nice running into you on the forums again. Also, any chance you could me help on this one too? It's related to profile fields.

So the problem was the question about the shipping address being commercial or residential. Once that was turned off, the shipping and billing addresses matched and all was good.

It would be nice if CS-Cart made it so that question could be on both the billing and shipping areas, but it is what it is I guess.

I looked at the other post, but I don't know the answer, sorry.



Thanks for the help! It's much appreciated.