Add A Check Box In Checkout That Shipping Address Is Same As Billing?


I want to make sure I understand what is said here.

I just moved from 2.2.4 to to 4.2.4. For some reason I did not not have shipping profile fields checked and I did get the box shipping address same as billing.

In 4.2.4 I am having the same trouble as stated in this post. My billing profile includes these fields that the shipping profile does not:

Phone (Required Field)


Send Sales Receipt with order? (Required, which does not work, and choices, NO,YES)

From this thread I have to include the above 3 fields (including the required phone field) in the shipping profile in order for the "Are shipping and billing addresses the same? to default to YES.

I can do this, but have to explain the phone fields in the shipping section is still the billing phone number. Not sure where to explain this.

Am I understanding correctly? Since it has been a year since this was posted, has anyone done anything different in the mean time, such as any modifications.



I use the 4.1.3 version? it doesn't work , Any one have the solution ??

Brendon, perhaps it would be good to just create a database script ;-)

This is nuts ! Never heard of this option and never seen it before. Only yesterday I was thinking about getting a button installed on the checkout “[color=#0000ff]Copy this address to billing form?[/color]”

I have an extra address option. But can not change it. In the previous versions you could make both the same. But now I can't. Have MV 4.3