403 Forbidden

Hello all,

i have facing some problem. I am using cs cart version 4.3.3. The site is working fine in / server. But when i go to layout section try to edit any of the block that says

"ErrorOops, something went wrong (Forbidden). Please try again."

But the whole site is work perfectly without this.

permission are ok. No problem with that.

Please help me out from this problem.

Generally this is a permission issue or a PHP Error/Warning/Notice issue being returned in the AJAX response..

Have you looked in your browser debugger at the response of the AJAX request? You will probably see an error of some kind being returned that can't be parsed by the JS that is expecting the response.

Yes the firebug shows that you don't have permission to /admin.php on this server. admin.php permission is 644 but i try to change the permission to 755 but still the error occurs

What do you see in the server error logs?

In server error log there is nothing

Ajax response

403 Forbidden


You don't have permission to access /admin.php
on this server.

It is required to examine the issue directly on the server

What are the ownerships and permissions of both that file and the parent directory?

permission of admin.php is 644

If you provide us with the temporary FTP access to your server, we can check the issue

actually i can't provide you the ftp because its client' site. I will provide you the site information. The live site is running in cs cart version 2.2.4. I created a dev folder and updated the migrate version from local. All working fine expect above error...please help me out from this...

What are the ownerships?

Correct permissions and wrong owner doesn't work either. Ownership must be the correct user for your Apache/PHP configuration.

What do the Apache logs say (/usr/local/Apache/domlogs/[domain_name]/error_log)? It will usually tell you the specifics about why Apache is generating different status responses.

How can i get the ownerships from the FTP ? But in error_log there is no error....i don't understand what you are saying?

If the mod_security is installed on your server, ask hosting administrator to temporary disable it and check the result

i think mod_security is not installed to the server....so please give another solutions.

Please see the screenshots below...also product or category edit mode layout tab is blank...both issue are related i think..



There are two primary error files on your server. One should be in the root directory of your store or the home directory of your cpanel user. It is the PHP error_log file. This will not include apache issues or access issues.

The other is from Apache and it is usually located in the apache log area which can be different on different servers. Check with your hosting to see where it is on your server. Comonly it is in

/usr/local/apache/domlogs/[your domain name]

So for my site, apache error logs are in the file /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ez-ms.com

So, what should i do as of now?

i think mod_security is not installed to the server....so please give another solutions.

Did you check it in the phpinfo?

in phpinfo mod_security is not there