Zip/postal code you entered is invalid

during the registration I didn’t put a space between the two groups of letters in my postal code and after

submitting got an error message that the postal code wasn’t

formated properly with a window that showed the proper way but

below it another message that said I was now registered but

would have to wait for my account to be activated.

it doesn’t give me a chance to correct the mistake. Is there a setting that is wrong or perhaps a bug.

out of curiosity what version of cs-cart and what customer skin?

I have had some people say that if you format the postal code (Canada) incorrectly, and then use the checkbox to use the same shipping and billing address - you get the error message, but should not allow it to continue. The 2nd message appears that you have register approval turned on - is that what you want?

Version 1.3.5-SP2


Yes, I want to approve the registration, that is correct.