Zip/postal Code Field For Locations Not Working Properly. V4.1.1

Calling all CS Cart Professionals!

Well guys I am having a serious problem here and have spent countless hours trying to solve a problem of mine. I would love it if the community would shed a little light on this topic as I am about to pull my hair out.

Here in Florida we are required to charge State Sales Tax for purchases shipping locally of 6%. Pretty standard practice for the US. However, we are also supposed to charge a Discretionary Sales Surtax of a certain percentage based upon what county you live in. This is where my problems begin. I have read CS-Cart Manuals, I have checked the Reference Guide, as well as the Knowledge Base and not one of them really covers this problem. So I'll try to explain the best way that I can.

In order to create surtax for certain counties I am forced to create Locations, which I have done by going to Administration, Shipping & Taxes, Locations.

Once I have created a new location, in this example I have created “Florida: Baker County” as my location to setup. Once I have created it, it shows me in a pretty generic window what current locations I have setup. You can see below I have set up several as testers.

Everything is working perfect here, no problem. Now, on to the editing of the County. When I choose the county to edit I am presented with a series of boxes, that allows me to setup Countries, States, Zip/Postal Codes, Cities, and Addresses.

Perfect! exactly what I want. I can edit the zip code field so that when the customer enters a certain zip code for that location, the correct surtax is applied. NOT!. This is where I am beating my head against a wall. Per several manuals CS-Cart says I can either A.) Use Wild Cards, or B.) Enter each zip code on a different line. Great no problem. Problem is it is only working on 2 lines!. Are you kidding me? This is crazy. So I decided to do some testing. And more testing and more testing. Regardless of any configuration that I decide to put here I get the same result. The minute I try to add a 3rd zip code on a different line, it will disable all of the zip codes I have entered and not charge any surtax.

The moment I remove the 3rd line of zip codes, and refresh my storefront, the surtax will be added again properly.

This is a very big problem. As most of the Counties have several zip codes. I have played with the Wildcard part of things, but the same rules apply, If more than two lines appear, it seemingly cancels the entire surtax.

I have tried putting commas, semicolons, etc to try and get this to work properly. Manual states I should be able to add as many as I need, however, it simply does not work.

If anyone could shed any light on this topic it would be greatly appreciated. This is a hurdle I am having to overcome at this point and it is getting very irritating. There is little to no support for this issue as I have been to the end of Google and back and am now resorting to the Forums. I cannot be the only person experiencing this problem.

Thanks for all the help in this matter, and look forward to the replies.


I do not see the country ?

Create : zone florida baker :

country > Usa :

states > florida

zip code 54*

And create taxe zone florida baker : 6%

normally it should work for clients with florida zip code 54 …

54 is a French department !!



Did you find a solution to this? I've recently upgraded a site from 3.0.5 to 3.0.6 and this has caused an issue. The Zip code box will only take 36 characters in the database.

Big issue as in the UK we have various post (zip) codes that require extra shipping costs.




This is a serious issue for us as well because our shipping provider provides shipping service based on postal code so I have 3000+ postal code to where the I can ship product but the the location Administration->Shipping & Taxes->Location->Zip/Postal codes can take only 2 entries as mentioned in above post, if there are more than postal codes, then I get the following error on checkout page

“[color=#B94A48][font=Lato][size=3]Sorry, it seems that we have no shipping options available for your location.[/size][/font][/color]

[color=#B94A48][font=Lato][size=3]Please check your shipping address and contact us if everything is okay. We'll see what we can do about it.[/size][/font][/color]”

Can someone please help us in this.