Zip Code Based Sales Tax for US based resellers dealing in multiple manufacturers


Resellers who sell products from multiple manufacturers need to charge separate tax rates for the product based on the manufacturer’s tax eligibility in that state. The problem is compounded further since several cities/counties in US have their own tax rates in addition to the state wide applicable tax rates.

We have developed an addon which takes care of this.

It needs adding only couple of lines in the core code. Rest all is an extra addon. Within the addon, you can manage tax rates specifically for each ZIP Code OR update tax rates, set new tax rates, increment or decrement the existing rates for a selected state, county or city in one go.

The module works as under:

In your admin, specify a tax class for each manufacturer specifying the states where their products are taxable. No need to specify state tax rates here.

Choose the applicable tax class for the product.

In the custom module, make sure that the tax rates for the specific area is correct.

A minimal 2 line hack is required in the core files so it is very manageable too.

If anyone is interested, please let us know.


Philip Ray.