Zapier Integration Explanation?

So, thanks to the Cs-cart team for developing this addon. However, I found that creating zaps is impossible even though it was supposed to be easy.

  1. I tried to create a zap that triggers when a new order is created on Cs-cart and the action is an invitation to the customer to review our company on Trustpilot. I couldn’t get this to work as I kept getting errors.
  2. I tried to create a zap that triggers when a new user creates an account on our site, and then an action is Facebook messenger sending a message from our company page to our admin’s Facebook inbox. I got stuck on the recipient’s DI where it says it should be “Page-Scoped User ID (PSID)”. Don’t know how to get that.

I was excited when I first saw this add-on as I thought implementation would be easy and straightforward, but I guess it’s not.


  1. Could you please let me know what kind of errors your are facing? Any details will be appreciated.
  2. Seems to be you are referring to difficulties on setting up the Zapier itself. I am afraid it’s nothing to do with CS-Cart itself and rather applies to Zapier, so I can advise you to contact their support for an assistance.
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Hello, thanks for getting back to me on this. To answer your questions.

  1. The errors I am getting are simply 403 errors without much detail. I notice whenever I make a test order the zap tries to fire and I get emails telling me there was an error. Just don’t know where I am going wrong. I could use some direction on what information to put in the action in order for the zap to retrieve customer and order data from cs-cart.

    Kindly see attached screenshot for the data I have put in the action.

  2. For the second problem, I agree it’s out of Cs-cart’s scope as I think this is a Facebook issue. Although, if anyone knows how to go about setting up the correct recipient ID “Page-Scoped User ID (PSID)” that would be appreciated.

Thanks for the reply!

  1. Could you please let me know, are those 403 errors are from your store or from the Trustpilot or anything else? Unfortunately from the screenshot I cannot see any issues.
  2. Sure, thanks for understanding.
  1. The errors are coming from Zapier. Zapier is notifying me via email whenever I try to make an order and the zap is turned on.

Looking from the screenshots, I can see, that 403 is being returned by the Trustpilot. So I recommend you to:

  1. Contact Trustpilot on how to create correct action via Zapier.
  2. Contact Zapier support for the details on what request has been sent to Trustpilot, so you will be able to provide Trustpilot support additional details.

Thanks for the answers.
Based on my screenshot, can you confirm from Cs-cart’s side that the data I entered in the action are correct? I got that data from a retrieved recent order in Ca-cart.
I am assuming these actions and triggers are made by the app owners, and this is why each time you pair Cs-cart with another app on Zapier the triggers and actions vary.
I will do as advised and contact support from both Zapier and Trustpilot.

Really appreciate your quick answers.

Yes, based on the provided screenshot, I can see that step based on CS-Cart itself does not generate any issues, but the step based on Trustpilot has generated the error.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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