Your Shipping Procedures?

I’m new to CS Cart, and I’ve just launched my store. We sell a lot of digital goods and some physical products that need to be shipped. We use UPS.

How do YOU personally go about your shipping procedure? Are you manually going into every order to check if something needs shipped and then shipping it? Is there some sort of “Items needed to be shipped” area?

What’s the best way to handle the actual shipping for your orders?

Anyone want to share what they do when it’s time to ship their products?

Hi :slight_smile:

First I call and verify the billing address on all credit card orders. Then I print 2 invoices out and keep one in an “open orders” folder and the other I take to fill the order or leave it with an incomplete items so I know what to look for when the rest comes in. Then I fill it, ring it up, ship it via UPS online and thats it :slight_smile:


Most of what I stock is very small, so I use Royal Mail to ship my items.

When I get an order, I print two invoices, one for my records and one to use when picking the order. I then print my postage online and ship the order. :slight_smile: