Your PayPal Integration Needs An Update

I am continuously getting these emails from PayPal. Is CSC aware of this and need to take action?

Time to update your PayPal integration.
You’re using an older PayPal integration that’s outdated. Update now at no extra cost to add Venmo, Pay in 4,* Pay Monthly,** and debit and credit cards.

I am getting the same


Could you please attach the full message here? If it contains any personal information, please remove it before posting here.

Unfortunately I have already deleted the emails. If I get another one I will post it or maybe someone else can post it.

The more I think about it, it seems it just adds extra options for the customer to select at checkout.?

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All of this PayPal stuff is confusing at best.

I am currently using the standard PayPal but was looking into the other options because I have no idea if the standard PayPal is going to quit working in the near future. The only thing I can figure out is that PayPal is currently only offering PayPal Pro and somehow you are supposed to configure it to your liking. To make things even more confusing, according to How To: Set up PayPal Pro in CS-Cart, there is no option in my install nor the demo.

The PayPal Pro was renamed to Website Payments Pro since 4.10.4

Unfortunately, this one article name hasn’t been updated yet. I have asked for this article to be updated to include the correct name.


Can you also have them include a detailed description of how to configure it from PayPal’s end? Not something vague like go to to get credentials.

I cannot make such a promise because PayPal have their own documentation and frequently update the appearance of the personal account page. However, it may be taken into account in the future.

This is the upgrade documentation by Paypal, they already support other shopping carts.

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Thank you for sharing this link! I have passed all the information to the developers.