"Your 30-day evaluation period has expired"


i keep getting this message from time to time, which doesn't allow me to do any proper work.

Today, it appears when i hit the products search button.

I have a paid license for over a year now.

Any ideas?

Thank you

I'm having this too … on 2 domains. Maybe the registration server is down.

Same problem here!!

I guess they are playing with servers as the release of V3 is imminent

[quote name='bolean']

At the moment this message should not be displayed anymore.


It displayed very well …

Same thing here this morning.

Same here too. Actually my 1 year license was up this month, so I figured this was why I was getting the “Your 30-day evaluation period has expired” message.

We have the same error, but so far only on the “pro” version. We do not seem to get it on the “community” version.

Once again, there ain't nothing like relying on a “3rd party server”. No wonder many do not like Twigmo or Searchanise. I understand they need to verify license, but there is no way I would want to rely on a server outside of that! It is annoying to say the least.

Looks like this thread already has an issue confirmation. We might get better results if we pester them there. And be sure to click “Yes” on the Issue Confirmation counter if you can reproduce this error.

I received this message today when trying to create a shipment. Have had a paid license since 2010.


This morning, my store owner contacted me because she though her store was going to close down. The message said:

Dear friends,

Please try to re-login.

Started again today.

Aug. 6 and it started today for me. This really sucks!