You May Also Buy Individual Items

I tried to setup a product that come in a set but also offer to sell individual product if customer wants to buy separate like this website: [url][/url]

Do you have any idea to do this?

Thank you.

You can add commented out (html style) list of stand-alone skus at the end of the short description. Then have a template read the short description, get the commented part, break it into an array, show a fake block then with these skus. If you are not using short description then just use the field then.

Can you show step by step what to do. I have no idea what to do.

Thank you.

  1. In the descriptions (full or short) you would put: at the end (unless there is a better field somewhere like features…)
  2. Modify product template to grab that description or a field at the end of the page, put that list into an array and then if an array is not empty run a code pasted from a block to display a similar looking block.
  3. You can run functions that grab info of the skus, or better yet, modify the core that grabs the info before the template is called.

thank you. I will try it.