Yet Another Crash Of Site Just By Changing The Font

Just making a simple change in the theme editor. Changing a font. Then save and bam site is down on front end.

Now i have to go read forums to try and find out where I have to correvt the css because cscart made it so simple with the css now.

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'parse error: failed at `Error 400 (Font family not found)!!1//,400” rel=“stylesheet”


Presumably it worked ok when you changed it in your development/testing environment? What's different about your production environment?

I have it live. All I did was change the font in theme editor and hit save. Then bam error. They need to change the way css erors behave. Having a css error taje down your frontend is bad development.

To note : If you make a css error in custom css it also will take down the site. Everyone makes mistakes and having the site crash is not a great selling feature.