Year not Updating


I was wondering if anyone would know how I can get the year to change in my website footer because it still reads 2010?

Most likely your server. CS-cart just reads the date from the web server.


Oh ok, I’ll leave it a couple of days to see if it updates.

Thanks :wink:

On second thoughts, that can’t be the case because the admin side of my site has updated to 2011…?

Any ideas?

Did you hard code the copyright date in the footer or let cs-cart generate it? Look it bottom.tpl

It’s not hard coded, I let CS Cart generate it.

Copyright updated fine in 2.0.15…

This is the code I have in my skins->yourskin->customer->bottom.tpl file

{if $smarty.const.TIME|date_format:"%Y" != $settings.Company.company_start_year}{$settings.Company.company_start_year}-{/if}{$smarty.const.TIME|date_format:"%Y"}

Thanks guys…

I found the problem. The code was fine in bottom.tpl but had been hard coded in addons - bottom_box - hooks - index - bottom.override.tpl.

I’ve copied the code from bottom.tpl so that it updates automatically in future.

whose addon is “bottom_box”?

Don’t think it’s an external addon as such, it was there after I upgraded my site.

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]whose addon is “bottom_box”?[/QUOTE]

BottomBox is Brandons (brandonvd) … funny because I was just installing that on my site today