Image Captions v1.0

Advanced Product/Manufacturer Pagination v1.0

Click/Print Shipping Labels v1.0

Express Checkout v1.0

New Arrivals v1.0

Manufacturer Logo Image Swatches v1.0

DHTML FAQ’s v1.0

less then 24hrs from launch and overnight orders are coming in and already recieving comments on the new site layout from customers :smiley:

Very Nice! :cool: Your layout rocks!

Thanks, worked hard to get their !!!

Checkout warning for secure and non-secure items. I recommend fixing this. This will scare away customers.

Hi Keith, yea I know because I’m on a shared SSL, not too big of a deal right now as I have to many orders as is but one day I’ll upgrade, well maybe…

very nice:D

check out my newest mods…