XML Import Quote

Does anybody have any recommendations of developers they've used for product imports?

I have a tricky import involving XML that I need to get a quote from. Have heard good things about Alt-Team but anyone else?

Hello! We offer a web application that automatically uploads product data from wholesalers to an online store.
Our software ensures automatic synchronization of data on store products with wholesalers (import of new products, updating balances , markups and prices).
In cases where the same item is offered by multiple wholesalers, our software also automatically compares product prices, publishing only the lowest priced items.
After submitting your request, one of our staff will contact you to clarify your store type, the wholesalers you need, and your unique access to wholesaler resources. After receiving the necessary information, within 5-10 business days our software will be installed on your server. Our software ensures the successful operation of a store with a large number of products, the sickest store has more than 950,000 products. More than 10 years of experience.