Xml Feed For Cs Cart

Would anyone be willing to supply a script that I can use within CS CART to grab the feed from my product supplier in order for me to not have to manually import a CSV file each time new products come in, go out of stock, get discontinued etc.

I’m guessing someone out there has already done this, so willing to pay something to save my sanity!

Thanks in advance.


Checkout Webgraphiq for a commercial purchase, otherwise there is a free one provided from the community (if I can recall)

Thanks Jesse, the free one through this community you say, should I just do a search through the forum or is it an add on supplied by someone do you happen to know?

Would anyone be willing to write an XML Feed script for my site and how much?

Hi it’s soo useful if cs-cart include new version. Some company give a xml format for they product and everyday change something. Stock, Price, etc. if cs-cart make a import a xml adoons somebody happy for this.

Thanks for all.

some company xml format like this

  • 00.0001




    Action - Adventure








    Producer: Sony
    A war of attrition in the future, four thousand years later abandoned the world and mankind…

    the presence of deep space, his epic battles against savage alien race Gnosis’e remained in the kişilk continues to.
    Xenosaga™ Episode II’ Second story Militia’da, Shio, KOS-MOS and the original staff, the latest of its popular characters struggle for survival faced with begins. The future of the entire human race hangs in the balance, while research them enough power to destroy Gnoss’i a new era of peace and the universe could start the rumor that ‘Zohar’ was named to take the legendary track.
    Join Shion, KOS-MOS and colleagues, this epic RPG game with the second part of the story filled with intrigue and surprises, will be a journey of magic…
    New, joint combat techniques to destroy their opponents. Improved power system and a unique attack / field use fracture mechanics.
    With tons of your reinforcement, advanced attacks and over 100 different skills to develop.
    Your enemy huge, powerful mech’lerinizi (human-like, giant robot) used to attack, tactical combat system is now independent of their owners
    efficient, large environments to explore Enjoy the character design and realistic.
    try to achieve more than 30 challenging side missions - which means hours
    action-packed fun and clever RPG gameplay with the epic philosophical and artistic connections gameplay

Eh, Ok, so, if anyone can help out on the XML FEED, that would be great!?!