Xml And Csv Import!

Hello! I am using xml and csv import addon from simtech to import suppliers products through xml but it uses Product name as primary key so if name changes i get duplicate products. Also (i think) if product name has special characters like & or something else, again it creates dupicate product, where the only thing that changes is the seo name for examle 'https://mrmall.gr/?subcats=Y&pcode_from_q=Y&pshort=Y&pfull=Y&pname=Y&pkeywords=Y&search_performed=Y&q=KS501-QS&dispatch=products.search&security_hash=c415fc0221019b8a9b78c5ed2ee1b933'

where you can see same link except ending el-1 / el-2 etc.

SImtech didnt really help me fix that bug and now i decided to use csv from the same addon to import products but i faced another bug. I cant import Buy Now Url. I can see it as a field but value is not passing. (nor in the export). How to fix that??