Xero accounting addon

Has anyone made a addon to intergrate with Xero’s online accounting package.:stuck_out_tongue:

I'm interested in this as well.

That would be pretty cool. However, you can export data and import into Xero very easily.

Vote here! Cs-cart - xero integration would mean a major step for cs-cart and I think a good reason for many new customers.

This also looks great. It would be fantastic if cs-cart could work with their software… so please email them if you are interested about integration. No More Quickbook!

[url=“Carry The One - Contact Us”]http://www.carrytheone.co.uk/request.html[/url]

Still nothing yet I guess…

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Still nothing yet I guess…


I just import my orders through csv for now. Took me some time to figure it all out but it's working fine. cs-cart also mailed me about integration. Me, and 2 other cs users put some money together and cs-cart is hopefully developing the add-on as we speak. Their plan is to sell it later as an individual add-on I believe.

Xero can be integrated.

I've downloaded the API docs and I will be looking at them.

Quickbooks Online would be a beast of burden.

We've already created this module for our customers. Please email speedracer.mach50@gmail.com for more information.

what price is the module? Any screenshots of how it works?

Any updates on the Xero add-on or are developers working on the CS-Cart 4 version (API) instead?

There are some companies offering this already, but they are waiting for cs-cart 4 to release an official add-on.

Exporting and importing the orders into xero takes me about half an hour btw, so unless you want real time or daily, an add-on is not really necessary.

I need this… Anything?

We also looking same.

Anything? I don't come quote me $850. Like this person above.

Xero is not usable for big amounts of orders. Forget it :)