WYSIWYG Editor Recommendations; Dreamweaver

I have found various threads related to editors which I will research further. In the meantime, I currently have Dreamweaver and have been trying to figure out how to see the images referenced in the various

tags. I believe since the stylesheet is not linked to each individual tpl file, Dreamweaver is not showing the images in Design View. I am basically trying to determine the best editor to use in customizing my cs-cart store and giving me the closest thing to a Design View (WYSIWYG). Just thought some of you pros out there could possibly suggest a best-practice solution to my editing needs. If anyone is using Dreamweaver successfully, can you lend some recommendations for maintaining your cs-cart with it? If there is a better editor out there for cs-cart, can you let me know? Thanks much for any help you can provide.

What is wrong with the editor provided with CS?

There is a smarty addon for Dreamweaver, but it will not show you a true design view. You’ll have to stick with a good HTML editor, FireFox and Fire Bug. Oh and the F5 button.


This code doesnt work:



[B]Here I want to place my text. so I I click to "CLICK HERE TO SEE", I see this little text. [/B]


Some body knows why?
Can You help me?

I have the same problem is adding on db " at the begining of the quote and " and due to this is not getting the style. Did someone solved this problem?

If you want to work on your CSS in CS-cart there is only one solution above all others ( Mind you … I use Dreamweaver as design platform) it is CSSedit by macrabbit.com , i just looked at their site and it looks they revamped that sensational life saving software for ready made platforms like C-cart , wordpress etc.

Enjoy ; Jaap