www.umera.co.uk - Salon Branded Skincare & Professional Cosmetics

Hi all ,

Well, after a long and gruelling few weeks here it is, the new look site.


The Home of Salon Branded Skincare & Professional Cosmetics.

All pictures and graphics are created by and are copyright of umera - me.

Hope you like it.


Very nice image/graphics work!

I did notice in IE 8 that the “View Larger Image” is pushed way down to the bottom of the page, you may want to find a fix for this.

Your flash cuts through the cart status…

Thank you Joe and Stuck,

Very obvservant and very helpful.

I will get stuck in and get these bugs fixed asap.


Umera :wink:

You have a litle bid SEO Problem [url]site:www.umera.co.uk - Google Search

[quote name=‘Triplex’]You have a litle bid SEO Problem [url]site:www.umera.co.uk - Google Search

What is the bid SEO problem???

Why is the url under cgi-bin folder?

site loads VERY slowly from NY

yeah strange /cgi-bin/umera/