Well, its up and running. We’ve still got some issues to work through - payment gateway still in the works, and a ton of products yet to add, but thus far, the response from our customers has been wonderful - and our company’s owner couldn’t be happier.

Warning - I know many of you are very anti-Flash - this site does contain some Flash.


If any of you happen to be in the market for IT equipment, you might check us out

Very nice, Im not antiflash :smiley: and I definatly love your product images !!

I wouldnt mind the flash template for that :rolleyes: cheeky git you say !

You need to be wary of the send to a friend addon though, theres no verification so spam can be sent to anybody FROM YOU !

Thats good use of flash, which people don’t mind so much!

I think your site shows a great use for the standard CS templates, modified enough to look different but probably not too much to make upgrading too problematic… My store is well beyond upgrading now, too many code and template changes.

Good job. Let us know when you’ve got a bit further, I’d like to have a look around when it’s a bit ‘fuller’.

Very nice store.

Great job.

Thanks for the kind words!

Yeah, Recedo, that was a big question early on - how much to jerk around with the template - but I think we found a good happy medium that still makes us look distinct, but will (HOPEFULLY) allow us to grow with future releases. There will still probably be a bunch of little things that go wrong, because I still made a lot of tpl changes. ugh - oh well

Got the CC processing up and running today and the account execs here are downright giddy about this cart. Nice job CS-Team! All around the best cart for the price, hands down.

I also love the product images/flash

The images in general look very good quality.

Very nice.

I love the the looks and feel of your storefront.

Very nice work. Was this done only by you or with a professional help? I’ll be happy to ask for their services. :slight_smile:

Great work, congrats! I should just say that I think the flash is taking too big a chunk from your page’s real state. And honestly, these flash presentations don’t make the company look any more reliable, if that’s the intention.

I would have used this real-state to some other end, one of them being showing some products. And by the way, did you prepare an alternative to the flash in case someone decides to block flash content? Most have flash player installed, but not a few block flash content either…

My 2 cents :wink: