www.standupday.com - International STAND UP to Bullying Day Campaign

Hi Everyone!

Very excited to finally feel comfortable enough in listing this as an example of what CS-Cart can do!

Our website is very customized to suit our requirements (to say the least).

Originally, we had two websites. One to allow participants (primarily schools) to register to hold a special day in which students and staff would sign, and then wear pink anti-bullying pledge t-shirts. This website had all of the information and materials for our event. We set up a second, cs-cart run site to handle ordering of the shirts.

For this event, we decided to put cs-cart to work, and use it to handle both tasks at once!

Participants can now register, download materials, contact us, add pictures of them wearing the shirts, watch videos, recommend other schools, share anti-bullying materials which they find useful, follow our news blog, and specify their shirt order details and run the charge right on our website!

All of our credit card orders are processed with (brand new!) Paypal Pro Canada, utilizing some neat MODS from TopCreationsPro and WebGraphiq.

Kudos to the Cs-Cart team for creating such a flexible, feature rich shopping cart!

Please let me know if you notice any problems or issues that require attention! (The site was designed with an attempt at being fluid, but some smaller resolution sizes move things around quite unfavorably :frowning: