www.SequinKing.com - sequin vests, ties, caps, & more for special occasions and event

My second website project using cscart.

Open to hearing all views.

Thanks in advance



I’d like to comment on a few non-design related issues. These would stop me from ordering with you.

  1. You have no Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy, or Terms and Conditions that customers can easily access from your home page.

  2. You have a phone number, but it’s hidden in your About Us page. If you have a phone and people answer it, put the number on your Contact Us page or better yet in your top banner on your home page.

  3. During checkout, the site is not secure. You are going to lose a ton of orders with an unsecure checkout.

  4. I know small businesses need all the money they can get, but the Google ads at the bottom of every page scream desperation to me. My advice is to get rid of them. You are an e-commerce site, you should be making money on sales, not on ads.

    Just my two cents… hope it helps.

Thanks for your 2 cents Chris!

I know i dont have the privacy policy or secure checkout setup yet for I am still jsut messing with the design for now.

I have already had a couple orders placed without having all of that information believe it or not.

I should have specified that i wanted feedback about the design

Thanks for that anywayssssss

Hey everyone,

I have basically completed the site for the most part and I would like feedback from the cs-cart community.

Constructive criticism welcome


Google ads need to go.

also, your view larger image. the full image doesn’t fit in the pop up box, customers have to scroll with the hand/mouse to see the entire image.

otherwise looks good :cool: