www.save4you.gr - Eco Products

Well this is a Community low badget shop, never the less, is fully functional in Greek Language and hopping to climp the Greek Google…

Tell me your opinion.


Fast site! How is it that quick! I don't understand greek but it is laid out well.

Hi ,

It's on a shared server where I only put Cs-cart stores. So I tried to optimize it for that purpose.

Otherwise it's standard minify of java and CSS.

dvsgr, may i just say, you are a very welcome addition to this forum. Great help, knowledge, and a especially good mood make all the difference ;)

Site is indeed extremely fast. Well done.

Thanks a lot Flow for the nice words. I find very pleasing to be able to share knowledge. I learned a bunch of stuff in here, and I feel I should give something back to other members that need that.

Hope I will be able to keep doing that.