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Hello everyone.

This is the second version of my shop built with CS-Cart 3 RC. Despite a lot of recommendations, it is live so please don’t make any test oders :) It seems pretty stable to me, so I am using it anyway while waiting to buy the final version.

The first version of the shop was built a while ago using OpenCart. It is quite a decent system, but I just fell in love with CS-Cart due to the many additional options available in the administrator screens. Also, CS-Cart has a pretty decent price for the features it offers.

I haven’t added all my products yet but I am slowly adding them. My company sells personalized photo products - ceramic mugs, mouse pads, photo albums, keychains, etc. I mostly sell locally but I am trying my hand at e-commerce in order to expand sales.

I used the default theme and just customized a few things. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the store, I’d be happy to hear them.


Aren't you breaking cscarts policy by going live with a release candidate?

They say we can fill up the database in the RC and then transfer it to the final version. Maybe I misread something but I believed it was OK to use it. Also, as I said before, I am trying my hand at e-commerce, the shop is live but I haven't made a sale yet.

No one has any comments?

I would help you if I understood (I'm assuming) Spanish?

Brazilian portuguese :D But worry not, I do speak english.

I used Google translate to help me 8)

Good job so far! I have no idea how competitive your product niche is but you seem to have a good product offering. Are you advertising on Adwords or other channels, etc? What are your channels of distribution?

Let me know how you do with CS-Cart 3. We don’t plan to upgrade for a while but I’m always curious to hear the stories of others. We are quite happy with 2.24

Best of luck!

I like it, loads OK looks clean and uncluttered, good images.

you may want to check out the Product designer from the alt team would be perfect for you.


@jjtrottier, thanks! I am a beginner on this ecommerce thing and I am not using Adwords right now, but I guess it would help me immensely. Currently I have a small brick-and-mortar store and advertising is mostly by word-of-mouth. Sales are good but I am looking to expand them and the online store is my attempt at selling all over the country, and also at reaching more nearby customers - some of them would rather buy from a local store instead of from someone else far away, because they want to see the product beforehand and be sure about its quality.

@johnbol1 I have seen the Alt Team's Product Designer and it really is a great product. I may consider it in the future, but in the meantime I do all the designs for my customers as that is one of my competitive advantages.