www.ledpolar.com - LED Lighting

New website www.ledpolar.com selling LED lighting using ver 2.2.4

Any comments welcome

Hey there… The “Delivery” link in your bottom box gives a 404 error… The link in the top right navbar is correct though.

Thanks racingsolution for spotting that one, I have now corrected the delivery link error.

You may want to take the address information off your “settings >> general” and then go down to “default location” and make the address fields blank. We just found it on our site again. Right now when I go to your site and add something to the shopping cart it shows that the shipping cost is "£2.20" . Since I live in the US we both know that is wrong. So when the customer goes to check out the shipping cost will change and then the customer will think you are trying to trick them or rip them off.

It was reported as a bug here…


…but CS does not seem to think it is. Others have created a “work around” and just accept it. I think CS-Cart should fix it.

I will look at the default location setting and make sure only country is set.