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Custom template made.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

nice store!

Can you pm me with the cost and who made it for you?

[quote name=‘paintballave’]nice store!

Can you pm me with the cost and who made it for you?[/QUOTE]

Thanks Paintballave!

The design was by 2 of my friends who helped me as a favor. You can contact them by clicking on the D&D Design link in the bottom of my homepage.

The wallpaper is just way too childish. I do understand that you don’t want anything serious there but I still think that the wallpaper is too silly.

And, the footer… Just way too big and looks like a block of text… Sitemap instead of a footer?

Please don’t get upset but I think that the site does not have a single polished style that would be repeating, it is a weird mix of styles that don’t conform.

I tend to agree with TexasGuy.

There was so many different items and styles on the home page, I had no idea what to focus on or what you are even selling.

My first inclination was you are selling baby items after looking at the background image and color scheme. But I was wrong.

Thanks, This feedback is much appreciated.

Do you think a one-color background would be better?

What color would you choose?

More than just the background was the clutter on the home page:

You have:

  • An annoying flash banner at the top
  • This Weeks Hits
  • Featured Today
  • All Time Best Sellers
  • These Just In
  • And a Site map at the bootom

    Wholly cow, what do you want the customer to focus on?

    I would narrow it down to just two of the above.


I also felt this way but couldn’t “put my finger on it”.

I have now simplified the layout to only 2 columns with less items in each block.

How is it now?