www.jandlhomeaccents.com/store Home and Garden Decor

Just a couple thoughts - Your logo could use a makeover - it currently just says “Home and Garden Decor”, but doesn’t include your company/domain name at all. If you want to build branding/recognition you should remind them of where they’re shopping on every page. It would also help if the color scheme of the logo matched the site.

On the SEO side, you could probably benefit from getting the SEO module working, and better page titles on your index/catalog/category pages that incorporate more keywords.

Other than that, it’s a fairly clean, straightforward design. Doesn’t look like it’s been modded very much, which will make for easy upgrades with future releases, which is a plus!

Your logo is a glaring issue for me. It has nothing style-wise to do with the rest of the design. At least edit the stock skin images to reflect the logo colors. This should be fairly simple to do and will result in a more cohesive look. Then you might want to seriously consider putting the cart into your root directory and definitely get the SEO thing working.

Hi, Everybody

Thanks for the great advise. I didn’t realize how crucial the logo was! The attached logo is the one I used before switching to CS-Cart I just haven’t taken the time to add it. What do you think about it?

Jim Soper


It’s much better than tyhe one you’re using. Try it using a green skin.

Indeed - that one would look decent with either the green or blue skin. More importantly though, it reminds them where they are