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We have spent the last year migrating our site over from another framework to CS-Cart and polishing it over the last few months thanks to the extensibility of CS-Cart. Site features over 7,000 unique categories and 150,000 products.


Some enumerated highlights are:[list]

[]Use of Adobe Scene7 for Product Image Delivery and eCatalogs

]Use of HawkSearch for Product Search

[]Hosting of Product Videos, Instruction Manuals and MSDS Documents using Amazon CloudFront

]Shipping Address Verification via CDYNE Services

[]Quick Navigation Drop Downs on Product Pages for Related Products

]Product feedback system so customers can help us find information errors

[]Product Q&A and Review System (non CS-Cart)


Any and all feedback is appreciated. Some sample links to the features listed above are below:[list]

][url=“http://hdwe.tools/1H1EA80”]http://hdwe.tools/1H1EA80[/url] - Scene7 Product Images, Instruction Manual and Product Video

[*][url=“http://hdwe.tools/1ctvngM”]http://hdwe.tools/1ctvngM[/url] - Quick Navigation Drop Down, Product Specifications