Www.egyptlaptop.com A Store Based On Cscart That Sell It Products

Hello everyone,

this egyptlaptop.com was built by last version of cscart, we sell an iT products and ship to all countries


Looks OK but you need to work on the speed of the site. It's quite slow loading. I'd suggest removing the background image for a start and instead just use a color.

Not bad, loads ok.

Meta tags are empty on all pages. Please pay attention to it

Thanks for all replays, …it's pretty awesome that professionals gave me a feedback about our store!

Nice looking store. Loads fairly fast for me. What version of CS-Cart do you use?

Who made your design?

P-Pharma…it's using the VivaShop theme from EnergoThemes.

Interesting. Nice to see that it is loading fairly fast now.