www.dreamsoy.com - Homemade Soy Candles

Thanks to everyone who helped me get through the configuration phase. Also, any critiques welcome! We want to stand out from our competitors (who doesn’t) & I also really wanted to stray from the default design as best I could, but my knowledge of designing dynamic pages is extremely limited - but I did my best. I think :P

Also if anyone would like to exchange links, let’s do it! :cool: (with the exception of sites with adult content, gambling or anything else vastly UNsimilar).


Hi Brennie

You’ve done a really nice job with the site. I like the colour and style and you have used - I would definitely feel buyers would find the site warm and attractive.

Haven’t done too much poking around but noticed that you don’t appear to have SSL - is this is the pipeline?

Like your logo too but the words seem a little blurry and the picture is a little small - maybe it’s just my old eyes,

Sorry to criticise (especially as you’ve achieved much more than I could).


Hi Barry! Thanks for taking a look & sharing your comments! :smiley:

We currently don’t have SSL because my host offers a shared SSL & to upgrade, we’d have to purchase a dedicated IP plus the SSL Cert & it’s a little costly for us, but we DO realize the value of it so we are working it out to get that done within the next couple of weeks. I know I wouldn’t shop on a site without it myself.

I have 7 sites total (this is the only retail one) so I am always changing things to improve. It’s a sickness! So I’m sure the logo may go through a few incarnations before it becomes what it will be. For now, I was going for a creamy dreamy look to set the theme of our content, but I’m sure I’ll find other ways to accomplish this in the future.

Nothing was taken as criticism. I appreciate the feedback! :wink:


Hi Brennie

We got our SSL from Comodo, we used thier FREE for 90 days option! Obviously you would need the IP still, but you can do it in stages then.



Good start. the active state for the home button in the middle Jumps out at me to much. This could just be me to my eye, but thought i would share.

Thanks for sharing it! I’m partial cuz I’ve been staring this site in the face every day, so any objective comment is welcomed & appreciated, so thanks!

We also just got our SSL cert so that’s taken care of as well.