www.apgearco.com - Fully Responsive, Touch sliders, Mobile Menus, and Pure Bootstrap Framework!


Developing this site, we rewrote the template folder from the ground up, to come up with the most advanced responsive template for CS-Cart available. We've come up with a Bootstrap Scaffolding template to use as framework, and have enabled all features of Bootstrap, including different layouts for different screen sizes.

We even feature a touch-capable slider and carousel.

Let us know what you think!

It's a good start. Needs refinement on menu transitions and some polish. The Quick View does appear to be responsive. I see some potential there.

I especially like the drop-down menu function which requires the user to click instead of having multiple drop-down menus all over the place when hovering like the CS-Cart demo. About Us and Contact links have no href.

The < > arrows on the homepage scroller don't seem to do anything except return me to the top of the homepage, guess that isn't intentional and could be quite confusing for customers.

Not sure if this was intentional or not, but on some products, the description text has a white background, on others no background colour. On the products with a white background I felt like I needed a magnifying glass to read the description text. On that note, I find the light gray text on white background (eg. Shopping Cart link, 'View Cart' button, etc) fairly challenging to read. Consider WebAIM; if anything else, it is the law in many countries including the USA.

You might also want to think about cross-selling and up-selling throughout the site, as I see a lot of lost potential here too.

The 'Add to Cart' button is one of the single most important user interactions on an ecommerce store, yet it seems to blend in. Make the button obvious! Once a product is added to cart, I got the default confirmation pop-up, clicked Continue, then nothing. I see nowhere where the site tells me the items in my basket, the order subtotals, etc. I had to hunt around and eventually found it by clicking the 'Shopping Cart' link. Not very user friendly.

I do see the potential in your design efforts, but I feel the design and site content has a long way to go to meet consumer satisfaction from an online store.

Good luck, take on board the suggestions you receive here, implement changes where required from a design/content perspective and you're on to a winner here!