www.aerosolstore.com -- Industrial & Janitorial Aerosols

I sell industrial & janitorial aerosol products. Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Thanks!


Good job. Very simple, clean, easy to navigate (good use of “industry” as secondary category), logo colors match the skin, etc… Also good informational pages - I actually didn’t know that aerosol’s no longer contained CFC’s - heh

You might want to either re-optimize your PDF catalog on home page, to bring the filesize down, or zip it up. Fairly slow download, and some on older browsers might have download problems (PDF’s over 4-5 MB sometimes kick back errors and/or freeze up in older browsers - I had an issue with a jewelry client’s PDF catalog years ago)

WOW!!! $42.00 for a can of bathroom cleaner. Guess I’ll keep the cleaning lady.

bpaulette: Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I’ve dropped down the file size of the PDF file for my catalog.

roban: That’s for a case! 12 cans…hehe :slight_smile:

Personally I would like to see more customisations to the skin, Everybody is ending up with a default CS shopping cart skin with minor tweaks, just my two cents

I agree. I wish there were more cs-cart customized skins for free or purchase. I’m not comfortable creating skins myself, but would consider purchasing/downloading one and tweaking it. Something like Open Source Web Design. [URL=“http://www.oswd.org/”]http://www.oswd.org/[/URL]