WTF? When I browse my store from my computer the pricing is in pounds!

How this happened I have NO idea, but for some reason when I view my storefront from my office computer the pricing is no longer in dollars, but British Pounds!

The back end of the store shows dollars, as does my storefront from my home computer and iPhone, so I must have something screwy on my office PC without realizing it. But what???

Any ideas???

On the computer which is showing incorrectly, browse to this page:

YourStore | Search Engine Optimization For eCommerce Brands

This will set the currency back to USD. If you only ever want to display USD and not other currencies such as GBP, check you have all other Currencies disabled.

Thanks Grant!

BTW I don't' want to take up a whole new thread for this related question, but is there a way to “batch disable” the number of countries I service?

Having to to through all 256 of them, one a time seems a bit much.

Back up your database, then you can an SQL query on the database to disable all countries, then simply enable the ones you do serve. This is what I do, to disable for all locations except Great Britain.

UPDATE cscart_countries SET status = 'D' WHERE code != 'GB'

You can obviously change 'GB' for example to 'US' for the United States. Then re-enable any other countries you do service in the CS-Cart admin.

Thanks again Grant. Performing the back up is straight forward enough, but as to the rest of it, it seems a bit like expert sorta stuff, so I’d better stick with the devil I know and resign myself to clicking,selecting, clicking for the next half hour. :mrgreen: