Wrong Database On Upgrade

I have a dev site about to start to try and ugrade in sub directory,

I upgraded to v 4.7 to get to be able to use the new featurs as variants and went ok.

I then stupidly restored the database from my old 4.52 versionto the 4.7 upgrade and now cant get into backend and front end is a mess. Can I restore or do I have to start again.

I do have a cs cart back up of the dev 4.7 database but how can I restore it if I cant get to the admin side/

Tygh\Exceptions\AException Message

Unknown column 'cscart_statuses.position' in 'order clause' (1054)

SELECT cscart_statuses.*, cscart_status_descriptions.* FROM cscart_statuses LEFT JOIN cscart_status_descriptions ON cscart_status_descriptions.status_id = cscart_statuses.status_id AND cscart_status_descriptions.lang_code = 'en' WHERE 1 = 1 AND cscart_statuses.type = 'O' ORDER BY cscart_statuses.position asc

Error at

app/Tygh/Database/Connection.php, line: 1118

Backtrace File: app/Tygh/Database/Connection.php Line: 488 Function: throwError File: app/Tygh/Database/Connection.php Line: 254 Function: query File: app/functions/fn.database.php Line: 45 Function: getHash File: app/functions/fn.common.php Line: 3921 Function: db_get_hash_array File: app/controllers/backend/index.php Line: 237 Function: fn_get_statuses File: app/functions/fn.control.php Line: 702 Function: include File: app/functions/fn.control.php Line: 460 Function: fn_run_controller File: sweatshirt.php Line: 27 Function: fn_dispatch

It's saying that the field "position" is missing in table "cscart_statuses". If it is missing, then add it.

[attachment=15065:cscart_statuses phpMyAdmin 4 9 7.png]

cscart_statuses phpMyAdmin 4 9 7.png

Cheers The Tool