Wrap Text Around Images

I'm struggling to make my pages look good with the cs-cart editor.
I guess I need to use div's and CSS but can't figure out how and need some help.

See attached pic for an example of what I want to accomplish. The picture is aligned lift and the text responsively wraps around it, which looks great.

This is the code used on that page (not mine obviously)

7. SpyFu

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While there is a lot that you can do on your own, you only have so much time for tracking and reviewing your top competitors. This is why you want to rely on a tool, like SpyFu.

When I copy paste to test in cs-cart it doesnt work the same. Probably because of the CSS classes.

Is there some comprehensive guide or list somewhere on how to control appearance of images and text in cs-cart? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


All images are displayed through the following template:


Unfortunately it does not contain hooks, but you can override the whole template with the addon. Looks like CSS styles were not transferred in your example, so you got wrong result

Hi eComLabs, thank you for your answers. Unfortunately I do not quite understand what you mean.
I know the styles are not transferred and that I should define them in my own templates but my general knowledge of CSS is not very good.

Isnt there some sort of list of styles or classes (?) already available in cs-cart for use?

I cant be the only one to want professional looking articles like the one in my example.

I am afraid there are no ready-to-use classes for your idea. You can try to use classes from the website-example. They can be inserted in the CSS section of the Theme editor.