Wow Slider Advanced - Cs-Cart V4.0.x+

WOW Slider Advanced is currently in the works.

Supports all 59 Themes, 23 Transition Effects

Compatible with CS-Cart 4.0.x - 4.1.x

No Manual File Editing Required

Demo: [url=“”][/url]

The Pre-Sale price will be at a 50% discount



What is the initial price?

We've been discussing it within my team and decided that we would like to take a poll to see what the community believes is the best way to price it.

This is a bad way to do the poll.

Surely you should give some sort of price for each service. I think most people would like all the features but if you then say it's $1000 no one will want it.

you should be asking who wants basic for approx $50 and who wants full for approx $100 (or whatever the price you think it would cost). That's how your going to get a real idea of what people are prepared to pay.

We'll discuss it further.

It's not going to be $1000.

There is additional cost considerations because the end user will still need to purchase a valid WOW Slider commercial license ([url=“Javascript Slider Downloads and Licenses”][/url]). We do offer them at a discounted price ($49/single site, instead of $69), but it is a requirement.

I would say a price tag of $100 USD would be in order for the full package + the cost of the commercial license.

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What is the initial price?


$50 USD + the cost of a commercial wow slider license

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$50 USD + the cost of a commercial wow slider license



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