Would Sending Mailing List Emails From Admin Backend Nstead Of Using Mailchimp Get More Emails Delivered To Customers Inbox Instead Of Spam Folder?

I am looking for a way to get more emails I send through my mailing lists delivered to customers inboxes instead of to their spam folder. I use Mailchimp, but a large portion of emails go to my customers spam folders and it does not have a common email address, they are all slightly different from each other, so even if a customer adds the Mailchimp email address to their whitelist, it can change the next time they get one of my mailing list emails

Would taking the time to set up and send emails through cs cart get more emails delivered to their inbox instead of their spam folders

It can also depend on what your content of the email is and subject lines.

Too many links, send flags up, as does certain words in the subject line, we had problems initially because of our domain name, we sell hi visibility clothing and are www.hivis.co.uk

split that up and you see "HIV" IS

I can see what a major headache that would be. I normally have about 5 links max in my emails. Are you sending your emails through cs cart or mailchimp?