Would like products to show in both sub and parent categories (ver 2.08)

Not sure how to do this.

I have a Product category called “Boots”. I list all of my boots here. They all appear when you go to that page.

Now I add sub-categories by “brands”. I add these same boots to their associated categories, hoping that they will appear in both the “Boots” category as well as their associated “sub-categories”.

When you go to the site and go to the main “Boots” category, the boots no longer appear. They only appear under their associated sub-categories.

If I remove them from their “sub-categories”, they now re-appear in the main “Boots” category. Am I missing something? Am I using the wrong strategy? I am new here. Please Help!

In General Settings, do you have “Show products from subcategories of the selected category” checked?


No Bob, I didn’t know that existed, but I will check that out. That is probably it! Thank you very much.