Workaround for 2.0.1 -> 2.0.2 upgrade

If you’ve tried this upgrade, it has more than likely failed with a failure related to the default values being set for ‘longitude’ or ‘latitude’ and also ‘parent_id’

The way to work around this is:

  1. After you click the “Install” button (which is really a “go get the source for the upgrade” button), get onto your site and edit /var/upgrade/upgrade_2.0.1-2.0.2.tgz/uc.sql

  2. Search for ‘longitude’ and replace the default value of ‘’ with 0.00.

  3. Search for ‘latitude’ and replace the default value of’’ with 0.00

  4. Search for ‘parent_id’ and replace the default value of ‘’ with 0

  5. Go back to your install window in your browser and click “Continue”.

    That seems to solve most of the problems of an upgrade for a site that has not been locally modified (I.e. install the standard product, don’t do anything with it, then upgrade it). However, I have seen where it tries to recreate tables that already exist and/or does not correctly change the schema of those tables that already exist. At least it works cleanly upgrading a site that has no local modifications.

    Additionally, if you get an error about “directory not empty” related to the images/ad directory, copy the contents of the images/ad directory to images/banners (should have been created during the upgrade), then delete the images/ad directory.

    I’m sure it’s something unique to me, but EVERY upgrade has destroyed my block definitions. This time, they’re in the DB but they do not show in the admin/design/blocks area at all! I’d be interested if others are seeing the same issues. Upgrading a site that has no changes to the distributed block definitions does not have this problem. But how real is that?

    Sure would like to see a clean upgrade (on a typical site versus a no-changes site) before going to release. However, they did a great job on the conflict resolution indicators other than having to click each “mark as resolved” link and wait for a page redraw (can take forever if you have many conflicts to review).

    Many bugs have been fixed and I’m sure a few new ones put in. But things are starting to look like a releasable product in the next month or so depending on what crops up.

    It is during these times that I’m really happy that any UI changes were localized and so the mass of templates do not need to have conflicts resolved in them! Whew! See my post titled “How to Customize 2.0” in the configuration forum (


Thanks for your valuable information although I’m still waiting for the first Service Pack for cs-cart 2.0 stable version!

Thank you, i works!