Wordpress website with shopping cart?

I currently own and manage an onlinew jewelry website with a regular ecommerce hosting plan.

It was recently suggested to me that I convert to a wordpress site with a shopping cart.

does any have information I can read about this conversion?

also I had planned on converting my basic ecommerce site to a CS-cart

would I still be able to have a CS-cart with wordpress?

does anyone have a site they can share with me that operates like this?

There are many plugins for wordpress that allow you to create a shopping website with it, like Jigoshop, woocommerce, wp e-commerce, and so on.

They are certainly not bad and will suffice for many smaller shops. They might be a bit too limited to run a full-blown pro ecommerce site with though, but you'd have to see that for yourself.

About implementing wordpress and cs-cart. You can do this, by giving your wordpress site the same look and if you like, connecting the databases. Or give it it's own look and call it your blog, like most do.

Please also see http://forum.cs-cart…87-blog-add-on/ - they seem to know more of it than me.

Integrating wordpress is about making the header and footer look the same. That is easy when you have static content. But if you have in the header a basket with products on it, or a logged-in user, then it requires different coding.

I' like to ask any smarty expert to take a look into the smarty for wordpress plugin and see if could open a window to place some code (like cart_status.tpl, search.tpl,) into the wordpress header and footer files.

I have done a couple of wordpress integration on static sites, I was surprised on how quickly google index your wordpress blog content. will be a big plus for cs-cart for sure.