Wish We Could Offer Our Vendors Product Sourcing Integrations!

Why do I get the feeling that CS-Cart is falling way behind? I spent the last 4 days researching the drop shipping scene that's been going on on Amazon, Shopify, Big Commerce, and the sad part is,

when I look into "Integrations", I find that CS-Cart is missing the boat. I have found integrations for just about every sales platform out there, except CS-Cart. CSV importing is old and outdated, and frankly a lot of work, and that is if you can find a source that has a .csv or xml, and updates it often and properly. Frankly, alot of sellers/vendors don't want to do that anymore.

Why is there no development by CS-Cart or it's many Developers to integrate drop ship suppliers directly into cs-cart? Look at the huge success of Shopify that was started in 2006. They are like a multivendor platform on steroids, (except they offer individual storefronts) and much of their platforms success is due to providing product sourcing integration with everyone they could. I found more than a dozen platforms that integrate into Shopify alone!

I can only imagine a CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Owner being able to offer their vendors a way to automatically upload products, sync inventory & route orders with drop ship suppliers on the marketplace.

Here are just a few that do that, and they tied into many platforms, but not CS-Cart.

CS-Cart should look into integrating with the below companies - it would be a good start.

InventorySource - https://www.inventorysource.com/dropship-ecommerce-integrations/

US Direct - https://gousdirect.com/how-it-works/

Modalyst - https://www.modalyst.co/
HyperSKU - https://www.hypersku.com
Auto DS - https://www.autods.com

And these are just a few

This is part of the reason it's getting harder to get vendors - dozens of other shopping platforms making it easy to source and publish products AND provide them a storefront too.

And then there's the same issue with shipping, vendors can get better rates with shipping

systems like Shippo, or ShippyPro. Ahh ... you get my point. Sorry if this sound like a rant, just a tad frustrated.

I can only hope CS-Cart will see the need.

Hmmm, no interest in discussing this?

agree, lots missing in support for the fast growing drop shipping sector