"Wish" List functionality?

Unless I’m missing something, I “wish” it did more than exist in a Customer’s profile. Shouldn’t a wish list be able to be emailed to gift givers who want a list of needs? I’m not seeing that.

You can send emails to wishlist owners

But this email will not contain list of items

I think OP is looking for a registry/gift list that can be e-mailed to other people.

As far as I am aware the function suggested only works for the registered user who ‘hearted’ the items, though potentially if the user was given admin access they might be able to use the test-email feature to send it out?

I believe what is being requested requires code change/add on (if you don’t want to be giving out admin priv willy-nilly.

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May be the following module can help him

I was mainly wondering if there’s more functionality to the built-in Wish List other than a user hitting Add to Wish List, then View Wish List and seeing what they liked. If it’s just a placeholder to go back to that list and possibly add something to their cart later, I don’t see that much user experience being added and would turn it off if able to.

Yes, it is just an additional storage for items which a customer wants to buy later

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