Will Upgrading From 4.0.3 To 4.1.1 Overwrite Tpl Files?

I am attempting to upgrade to 4.1.1 from 4.0.3 and I am getting a notification that the upgrade may make changes to some of my tpl files, namely those listed below:


design/themes/basic/templat … t_long_options_template.tpl

design/themes/basic/templat … ducts/products_scroller.tpl

design/themes/basic/templat … ist_templates/grid_list.tpl

design/themes/basic/templat … manager/render/location.tpl

design/themes/basic/templat … mponents/product_images.tpl

design/themes/basic/templat … nts/quick_view_template.tpl

design/themes/basic/templat … uick_view_template_long.tpl

design/themes/basic/mail/te … discussion/notification.tpl




Is it safe to upgrade, or will the upgrade overwrite the custom changes that I have made in these files?

You should never make custom changes to the core template files, they will more or less always be overwritten in an upgrade. Apply your customisations using the “my_changes” method.

In any case, I would wait til 4.1.2 which is supposed to make 4.0.X templates compatible with 4.1.1…somehow. It should be released sometime in the next week.